EXTraS Portal Help page


If you need more help you can write at

  • support(REMOVE)@extras-fp7.eu for technical questions
  • dagostino(REMOVE)@ge.imati.cnr.it for philosophical questions


If you publish any result obtained with this portal please add
This work used the EGI infrastructure with the support of CYFRONETCLOUD and RECAS-BARI. More details here.

The reference papers are:

Data Archive

The EXTraS Public Data Archive is the repository of all results and products generated by the EXTraS project.
The help is provided in a dedicated page. The data model is described here

Job Creation

An experiment is created using the Jobs menu. Then you have two choices:
  • you can use the Create a new job button, if you want to perform a new analysis

  • you can use the Options button and the New job from this from an existing experiment if you want a) to re-run an experiment on a new observation or b) to run a previous analysis with some different parameters

In both cases you must click on the new job (or the Option button) and configure it by selecting the kind of analysis (full details here) and the job name.

E.g., for the Transient analysis

You can get hints for the proposed fields (violet circle above). You can decide to configure the experiment without submitting it (Save configuration button) or to perform immediately the submission.

Job Execution

For executing a job you must specify one or more observation id, as defined in the XMM-Newton Science Archive.

You can directly get the information on the specified id by clicking on the Show info button.

The status a job can assume are

  • New: when you create an experiment using the Create a new job button.
  • Configuring: when you partially configured an experiment or create a new experiment from an existing one.
  • Running: when a job has been submitted and it is in a scheduling/initialization status.
  • Submission Error: if the submission failed (e.g network error or too many jobs).
  • Running (step): actual execution of the experiment.
  • Finished : you can download outputs and logs
  • Error: something went wrong.

During the execution you can analyze the logs in real time.

Some of the messages are debug information useful only for the support team. Sometimes you may need to refresh the page.


At the end of the experiment you can download both the results and the log file. The project visualization tool is available here. You can also decide to share all (results and experiment configuration) with the members of a group you belongs to with the button shown in second figure (green circle). Colleagues will see it under the Shared with me job list (see the first picture).

This has the purpose to support a collaborative analysis of the results, as a science gateway should support. Each job has an unique id corresponding to the URL when you see the result page. In principle this can be used to refer the result analysis in papers.

You can decide to delete a non-running job using the Option button.